‘Emos’ under attack in Mexico, City Gov tries to peacemake

‘Emos’ under attack in Mexico, City Gov tries to peacemake

Mar�a Meléndrez Parada, la JornadaThe Mexico City Government called a meeting today for the coming Tuesday between the city’s ‘urban tribes’ to try to put an end to the increasing violence and animosity against emos that is currently sweeping Mexico – see Daniel Hernandez’s blog here for an excellent synopisis of the current situation.

Since the first attack against the group of youths who identify themselves as ’emos’ happened in Queretero at the beginning of the month, animosity has been growing amongst those who resent the ’emo’ look and attitude.

Mexico’s City government now wants to create what it calls a round-table meeting to allow the various actors involved to exchange ideas and points of view, and to try to bring an end to ‘confrontations between youths who have a right to express themselves as they wish.’

Hernandez, again blogging, this time for LAWeekly, points out how Mexican television personalities are adding fuel to an already burning fire, one presenter referring to the emo social movement as ‘fucking bullshit.’

Hostility against emos in Mexico is being generated via the internet, and punks and skaters are currently being blamed as the perpetrators of the aggression towards them. But intellectuals and youth leaders interviewed in La Jornada on Friday said that the aggression is in fact way deeper than that.

Rather than a mere reflection of rivalry between different social movements or fashion groups, the aggression is the result of a deeply conservative society, according to Ignacio Pineda, the head of a cultural forum that is a meeting space for many different youth groups. It’s convenient for the government that there are growing divisions between youth movements, he continues.

Down at the glorieta on Mexico City’s Insurgentes today, where confrontations between emos and punks took place last week and where the emo’s generally hang out, things were quiet. Observers from the city’s Human Rights Commision were in attendance, as was a heavier than usual police presence in the area. But the young people themselves were keeping a low profile.

So where did this all start? And where is it all going? Hopefully, more will surface in the coming weeks and watch this space for video content on the issue….

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