BBC: Pamela – one of five lives the world wants to change

September 25th 2015 – Pamela Lizeth Hernández Viviano, 11, lives in a makeshift house on a traffic island in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Despite getting good grades at school, she was told she was not eligible for a scholarship because she does not have a permanent address. Her family live on about US$237 per month.

The number of those living in extreme poverty has significantly decreased in Mexico in recent years. But despite being the second-biggest economy in Latin America, World Bank figures show 40% of the country’s wealth is held by just 10% of the population.

While the UN’s number one goal is to end global poverty, another is specifically aimed at reducing inequality, both in and between countries – a recognition that economic growth alone is not enough.

Part of the BBC’s UN Global Goals series. Shot and edited for the BBC by Deborah Bonello. Production by Bonello and Juan Paullier.

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