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BBC: Mexico families search for missing relatives


The disappearance of 43 students has provoked a political crisis in Mexico, but the case has also thrown new light on the estimated 26,000 people who have gone missing across the country in the last decade.

AJ+: 43 Students Are Still Missing In Mexico And People Are Angry


The mayor of Iguala and his wife, accused of orchestrating the disappearance of 43 Mexican students, have been arrested. But thousands of protesters are demanding further action.

MetropolisTV: Getting rid of tattoos for a new life in Mexico

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.01.59

How can you leave your gang-life behind after 20 years in prison? For Jose Reyes for Tjiana that wasn’t easy, especially because the judgement he got due to his facial gang-tattoos.

GlobalPost: The tortured wait for news of 43 missing students in Guerrero, Mexico

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 15.54.24

GP: The tortured wait for news of 43 missing students in Guerrero, Mexico from Deborah Bonello on Vimeo. This video was shot and edited by Deborah Bonello. Production by Deborah Bonello and Ioan Grillo, for GlobalPost.

GlobalPost/NBC: These are the women helping child migrants as they make their way to the US


“Las Patronas” throw bags of food and bottles of water to the travelers who speed by on the train heading north to the US-Mexico border.

GlobalPost: The Ghosts of El Diamante Ranch


At an abandoned ranch in Tres Valles called ‘El Diamante,’ the marines made a grim find: a grave containing the remains of at least 31 people. Only eight have been identified so far. Five of them belonged to the family of Berta Diaz Torres.

Provecho: A Mexican classic makes its come-back

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 9.32.13 AM

Provecho host Nicholas Gilman speaks to Claudio Hall, manager of the Zona Rosa’s Fonda El Refugio restaurant about how he brought the restaurant back from the brink, and puts the fonda’s food to the test.

CCTV: Mexico’s Tepito barrio supplies illegal arms trade, piracy and…..boxing.


CCTV Mexico correspondent John Holman explores Mexico City’s Tepito neighbourhood. Ulises Escamilla Haro was the series producer.

BBC: Why Mexico’s world-beating boys fail as World Cup men


Jason Margolis of PRI’s The World – a co-production with the BBC – went to Mexico City to explore why the Mexicans always seem to falter when the boys grow up and become men.

Fusion: Imagine Having to Learn to Ride a Bike on Mexico City’s Mean Streets


Girls learn road survival tricks on bikes in Mexico City

FT: Emerging markets luxury takes flight


Reporting from the FT’s Business of Luxury summit in Mexico on the growing importance of emerging markets to the luxury sector and fashion companies’ strategies to tap growth.

Channel 4, Unreported World: The Abandoned

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.16.08 AM

Ulises Escamilla was the local producer on the critically acclaimed Unreported World secret investigation into Mexico’s mental health hospitals.

NYT: Musical Tributes for Mexico’s Dead


In Iztapalapa, a violent Mexico City neighborhood, two musicians with a guitar and an accordion are hired to ease the strains of grief, celebrate the dead and remind mourners of more festive memories.

Economist: The Deportation Machine


Octavio Nava Cabrera lived in America for 27 years before being deported in 2013, when police in Illinois pulled him over for a traffic violation.

MetropolisTV: Mexico’s Man in Heels


January 31 2014 – Design student Alonso Murillo put on a pair of heels 5 years ago and he’s been doing it ever since. “I don’t identify with a male or female identity. Some might say I’m transsexual, a transvestite or a drag queen.” He’s doesn’t care what people think of him and continues to […]

CCTV Insight: Reports from the Underground


It’s the pulsating heart of Mexico City, a tableau of color transporting 5 million people a day. Mexico City’s metro: the biggest and busiest in Latin America.

But these are controversial times for this iconic transport system.

BBC: Mexican vigilantes clash with soldiers in Michoacan state


Vigilantes in Mexico have clashed with soldiers deployed in the western state of Michoacan to disarm the groups, who last week launched an offensive against the Knights Templar drug cartel.

BBC: The fading tune of the Mexican organ grinder


Januaey 10th 2014 – Don Odilon Jardines has spent a lifetime at the organ grinder’s handle. Now 73 years old, he is one of the oldest organ grinders still on the streets of Mexico City. For him, the organ’s melody has a melancholic charm as it reverberates around the neighbourhoods he visits of an evening. […]

GlobalPost: Seeing hope in Juarez


Chef Oscar Herrera returns to Juarez after moving to El Paso to flee the violence. Video shot, produced and edited by Deborah Bonello for GlobalPost. Additional production Dudley Althaus.

GlobalPost: Clear eyes, full hearts in Juarez


GlobalPost: Clear eyes, full hearts in Juarez from Deborah Bonello on Vimeo. November 1st 2013 – Not long ago, all headlines out of Ciudad Juarez screamed bloody drug war murder. Now something unexpected is happening in the Mexican border town. Homicides have plummeted. Some who fled have returned. Sports clubs keep kids out of gangs. […]

FT: Mexico’s security trade off


Oct 10, 2013 : The security risks in Mexico are deepening as political instability continues. Yet despite the concerns, foreign companies are still seeking investment opportunities as equity markets rise. Shot, produced and edited for the Financial Times by Deborah Bonello, with Jude Webber.

GlobalPost: Mexico’s Millenials describe the challenges they face


Deborah Bonello for GlobalPost.

BBC: Male ballet dancers in Mexico aim to defy ‘machismo’ society


Mexico is experiencing a classical dance boom, with a group of young dancers challenging the country’s traditional values as they learn to dance.

GlobalPost: Mexico’s drug cartels recruit migrant labor


Those fleeing poverty back home find it hard to resist the lure of a life of crime, and some are being given no choice.

BizAsiaAmericas: Independent Cell Networks Springing up in Rural Mexico


August 21st 2013 – Mexico is predicting that 98% of the country will have cell phone coverage in six years. Despite this promise, one rural area of Southwest Mexico has already adapted to an independent cell network, one which has drastically changed the lives of its inhabitants and may prove to be the precursor for […]

AFP: Organized crime recruits migrants in Mexico


Mexico’s drug cartels are increasingly recruiting undocumented Central American migrants to join their ranks, non-governmental groups say.

AFP: Mexico market turns trash into vegetables


AFP: Mexico market turns trash into vegetables from Deborah Bonello on Vimeo Saturday, July 6, 2013 By Deborah Bonello ,AFP MEXICO CITY — On a recent rainy Sunday morning in a Mexico City neighborhood, people lined up under their umbrellas with bags of empty milk cartons, plastic bottles and cardboard at their feet. The rain […]

FT: Mexico City’s transport revolution


As vehicle ownership climbs, Deborah Bonello reports on the Mexican capital’s battle to curb car use. Activists such as the masked El Peatónito (Little Pedestrian) are pressing for a cultural shift and a radical improvement in public transport. Shot, produced and edited for the FT. Production assistant: Alan Hernandez.

AlJazeera: Super hero fights traffic in Mexico City


Little Pedestrian takes on millions of cars in his big mission to make Mexico City streets safe.

BBC: The child victims of Mexico’s drug war


In Mexico around 25,000 people have disappeared since the drug war began six years ago.

The Economist: Mexico’s Economic Downturn

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 8.37.47 PM

Aztec tiger or Aztec kitten?

NYT: Catholics speak around the world about the new Pope

NYT Pope

The New York Times surveys Catholics around the world about what they want to see from the new pope. provided the Mexico footage. See it here on the NYT website.

Makeshift: Abel Carranza’s Underground Beats


Slinging CDs in the crowded subways isn’t an easy gig. The vendors, known as vagoneros, walk from car to car offering music from cumbia to reggaeton on CDs stuffed into plastic sleeves.

BBC Fast Track: Mezcal drink embraced again by Mexico


Mezcal has been made in Mexico at least since the time of the conquistadors. For years, it was seen as the poorer cousin of the national drink, tequila. But now mezcal is making a return from the wilderness.

Guardian: Mexico City’s ‘alcoholímetro’ making headway in dangerous driving battle

Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 10.35.53 AM

Its road safety record is among the world’s worst but, in Mexico’s capital, police wielding breathalysers are making a big difference

AFP: Mexico’s lucha against obesity


Obesity is a huge problem in Mexico. Diabetes is the country’s biggest killer and around two thirds of the population is overweight.

Guardian: Mexico City on the road to cleaner air


Thanks largely to vehicle emissions, Mexico City was once the world’s most polluted urban centre. But over the past decade, a focus on sustainable alternative transport has persuaded a growing number of citizens to leave their cars at home.

Univision: Lured by narcos, Sinaloa’s schools try to get kids to say no


Mirna Cartagena knows all about regret. Now in her early thirties, she spent most of her twenties in jail after she was caught trying to transport cocaine and crystal meth across her home state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

The Guardian: Trotsky’s assassination remembered by his grandson

Screen shot 2012-08-17 at 7.09.02 PM

Esteban Volkov is the 86-year-old grandson of Leon Trotsky, the Russian Marxist revolutionary and founder of the Red Army. Volkov, who followed Trotsky to Mexico when he sought exile there in 1937, recalls the two assassination attempts orchestrated by Stalin on his grandfather, the last of which was successful. Deborah Bonello for the Guardian.

AFP: Mexico makes world’s biggest sandwich


August 10 2012 – Mexico City has a new mention in the Guinness Book of Records – for the world’s biggest sandwich. The victor was a 52 metre monster with over 70 fillings, and crews from 55 different restaurants worked on it. Deborah Bonello for AFP.

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